Sushi Q (West Kelowna)

Admittedly, I normally go to a sushi place that is closer to my house but my usual place is closed on Mondays and sometimes I really need some Monday sushi after running morning errands. A quick google search showed some positive reviews about Sushi Q so I decided to pop in and grab some lunch to take home.

Here are the accessibility things of note:

  • Parking isn’t difficult to find on this street (just off Main St.) and it’s directly outside the restaurant.
  • There is a large curb to step up onto in order to get to the restaurant from the parking area. You could go over to where the crosswalk that is parallel to Main St. runs and access the sidewalk that way if you are in a wheelchair or other mobility device.
  • All of the chairs and tables can be moved around inside. That said, all of the chairs have metal arms and I found them to be quite uncomfortable in terms of pinching my hips (I sat in one while I waited for my to-go order). The décor is very understated and sort of feels like being in a cafeteria, though I’m always more impressed with good food than with flashy décor.
  • The woman who took my order was wonderful. She was welcoming, friendly and genuinely warm, and she was singing to herself as she worked in a way that indicated she is a happy person who enjoys her day.  For me, how comfortable I feel with the servers in a place will greatly influence whether or not I return.

I was craving some nigiri so that’s exactly what I ordered. I had tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri, tobiko nigiri, and tamago nigiri. Most of the nigiri was excellent. The fish was perfect and practically melted in my mouth. I will definitely order the tuna and salmon from Sushi Q again! The tobiko was exactly what you’d expect—salty little orbs of tastiness. The only small complaint I have is about the tamago. It was just slightly dry and rubbery. It was certainly edible, but I wouldn’t order it again. I understand it may be an infrequently ordered item and you certainly can’t make it fresh for every order so I give them a pass on this, especially considering just how perfect the tuna and salmon nigiri tasted.

I haven’t tried their tuna tataki, and it’s one of my favourite foods, so I’ll have to try that another time! While it’s not the most easily accessible of places in certain ways it’s clear that they know their way around customer service and seafood.


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