I live, work, and play in the Okanagan area of British Columbia, Canada. I have a variety of interests including photography, exploration/travel, writing, sarcasm, hiking, social justice, adopting succulents, birding, anthropomorphizing, occasionally streaming on Twitch, posting rudimentary videos on Youtube now and then, and being a giant nerd across multiple fandoms. Lover of memes, dark-humoured, kind natured. I am not an enigma; I’m a open book (but probably one that you found at a garage sale, dog-eared, broken-in spine, and slightly stained by tea, time, and tears of laughter).

I also sometimes have mobility issues due to chronic pain and inflammation flares but I manage my health well and I’m grateful and lucky that these don’t impact my ability to work. Plenty of people don’t have that luxury. I do identify as having a disability. You might find me on a 3-hour hike or you might find me with my feet up reading or writing on my laptop because I’m learning to listen to my body.

I’m also fat. I mention it because…if you know, you know. Sometimes, fat people face barriers and I think it’s important to acknowledge them. The market is slowly starting to recognize the value in the fat consumer. Not that many years ago, it was incredibly difficult to find active wear choices that fit and were readily available for fat people, for example, but the market is starting to expand (pun perhaps intended).

I have spent years building a career in social work and education sectors, including working with people experiencing addictions, mental illness, and disabilities. I originally started Go Alice Go during a period when my mobility was low, but my drive to contribute and be active in my own life was as high as it always is, so I framed my experiences of places, food, and more through the lens of accessibility, including considering some of the following questions:

  • Will there be parking nearby?
  • What is the seating like –will it support my weight, are there arms on the chairs that will pinch my hips, if they have booths will they accommodate my size, if I one day require a wheelchair is this space able to comfortably accommodate that?
  • Will the bathrooms accommodate large people, and/or a mobility device?
  • Will I have to climb stairs and, if so, how many?
  • Will the staff be friendly and accommodating or will I feel judged if I require something such as being re-seated because the booths are too small for me to feel comfortable in, for example?

Some of these questions are no longer relevant for me, based on ways my mobility has improved, but it doesn’t make them any less important. I’m still active in online communities for fat people and for people with disabilities, and sometimes those intersect.

This is simply a space for me to write about what’s on my mind, share some pictures, and practice skills (writing, Word Press, etc.).

I’ve had a few blogs over the years, but I’m working on bringing them together in one space, and I’ve chosen GoAliceGo for that purpose. Some things that appear only recently posted will include the original posting date for accuracy.

Last, but not least, everyone deserves to have enjoyment in their life regardless of their mobility, their size, or any other singular factor. I welcome comments but please know that since I am ultimately responsible for this space it will be one of kindness and encouragement.

Please note that I was an Amazon Affiliate in the past but my Affiliate status is not currently active.